My Paranormal Network


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My Paranormal Network, a new online fandom destination, is scheduled to launch July 26 at, anchored by 13 original podcasts about spooky places and scary cases hosted by popular personalities in the genre. In addition to podcasts, My Paranormal Network will host video content and exclusive experiential fan events. The partners behind the network, which plans to generate revenue via subscriptions, advertising and branded merchandise, are: Michael Yudin, who founded production company MY Entertainment (behind “Ghost Adventures” on Discovery Plus and Travel Channel); TV and podcast development executives Rob Cohenand Christine Roth of Co-Conspiracy Entertainment; Michael Schmidt, former CCO of Red Arrow Studios; and Neil Patel of Shipyard Entertainment. My Paranormal Network’s podcast lineup will feature interview show “Must Love Horror” hosted by couple Josh Malerman(author of “Bird Box”) and artist-musician Allison Laakko; and “Hellacious Renovations,” about cursed haunted house renovations from Dean Haglund(“The X-Files”).”

–Todd Spangler, Variety

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