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Richard-Lael Lillard Paints Stunning “Spirit Portrait” During “Scared & Alone” Livestream

Orange, Massachusetts –– During the course of the October 23, 2021 episode of "Scared & Alone" live-streamed from Revival Wheeler Mansion, Richard-Lael Lillard painted a portrait of the spirit who he believed was attempting to make contact with our Ghost Bait, Courtney Buckley. The Gentleman Psychic informed Courtney that the ghost of a feisty, nearly blind, yet commanding woman of advanced age was located near a fireplace by the front entrance of the rambling 15,000 sq. ft. mansion. Although Ms. Buckley reported unexplained visual phenomena, temperature drops, touches, noises and the unexplained smell of tobacco in other parts of the mansion, she felt a very strong presence downstairs near the fireplace she was directed to, and the mirror hung above the mantle there. 

With the investigation clocking in at just 120 minutes, Courtney was assisted remotely by Richard-Lael Lillard, author/investigator David L. Sloan, "Paranormal Princess" Miss Haley Michelle, Revival Wheeler Mansion owner Cynthia Butler, John Proctor House Owner Barbara Bridgewater, and host Dean Haglund. Viewers also commented from social media with their observations and suggestions. Viewers and panelists gave their opinions. One viewer simply stated "It's Almira". It was in this two hour period that Lillard completed the portrait whom no one recognized. Was she a retired Eastern Star who resided here when it was a retirement facility? Was she the wife of John Wheeler, Almira, who was reported to have disliked the mansion?
Then, in the morning hours after the live stream, Cynthia Butler discovered something astonishing. The investigation, which may have attracted the spirits including those of a small girl, John Wheeler, a woman who was once oldest person in Massachusetts, and an entity that kept on tapping on Courtney Buckley's leg, may have also stirred the presence of the matriarch herself...Almira Wheeler. Butler said the previous evening that she had only ever remembered seeing a scowling photo of Almira, but then found a different photo she had no memory of. In this photo, Almira seems...happier.
Is Richard-Lael Lillard's "Spirit Portrait" a painting of Almira Wheeler? You be the judge. To see the video of our livestream "Scared & Alone: Revival Wheeler Mansion", just scroll down below the photo, visit our LIVE section or check us out on YouTube. And don't forget to check us out THIS SATURDAY, October 30th, 8PM-10PM ET for "Scared & Alone: Diehl-Marcus Manor" in Salem, MA on Facebook, YouTube and right here at!

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