Happy Haunted Holidays from my Paranormal Network!

Who joined my Paranormal Network for photos at ParaUnity Las Vegas? Practically everyone!

If you made it out to ParaUnity Las Vegas this weekend you got a chance to meet practically everyone in the paranormal world! If you were really lucky, and found us, you got meet Patti Negri, David L. Sloan, Miss Haley Michelle and Tammie Merheb-Chavez, and take photos with our Spooky Christmas Trees! Trees include Patti Negri’s Tarot Tree (check out our Facebook to see the cards she picked), a Haunted Doll Tree featuring dolls from Miss Haley Michelle and a mini Robert the Doll (photo permission granted by RTD) shiny, treetop star, and the beautiful Bats & Skulls Ghost Magnet tree in pink. Which tree is your favorite? 

But wait, there’s more! What’s that orange HOTEL sign? Is that… from The Cecil Hotel? Well, yes it is! Check out the phantasmic photos from Marta Traskevych.