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Sam Baltrusis at MASS Paracon!

In the Boston area September 17th-19th? Join Host of Haunted Hotels, Sam Baltrusis, along with network friends Richard-Lael Lillard (The Gentleman Psychic), author Richard Estep (A Haunting at Farrar), Tim Weisberg (Midnight.FM), John Zaffis (“The Haunted Collector”), Brian Cano (“Paranormal […]


Patti Negri at Michigan Paracon!

Don’t miss Patti Negri’s Gallery Reading at Michigan Paracon! Patti will be appearing in the DreamMakers Theatre at 12PM on Friday, August 27, 2021. If you haven’t gotten your tickets to Michigan Paracon yet, there’s still time! For more information […]


Dean Haglund at Michigan Paracon!

Dean Haglund will do a live comedy set at the 2021 Michigan Paranormal Convention on at their Saturday Night Speakeasy at 9PM on Saturday, August 28, 2021. From the official web site:The 2021 Michigan Paranormal Convention will bring the biggest names […]