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Who is the Snoring Ghost? Why should you bribe future ghosts with a Starbucks card during "Ghost Month"? And why was Chiwan's parents worried the cat was going to kill him? Welcome to an all new episode of Are You There, Ghost? It's Me, Chiwan. Join Chiwan and writer Ed Lin as we find the answers out together. Ed Lin, a native New Yorker of Taiwanese and Chinese descent, is the first author to win three Asian American Literary Awards and is an all-around standup kinda guy. His books include Waylaid, and a mystery trilogy set in New York’s Chinatown in the ‘70s: This Is a Bust, Snakes Can’t Run and One Red Bastard. Ghost Month, published by Soho Crime, is a Taipei-based mystery, and Incensed and 99 Ways to Die continue that series. David Tung Can’t Have a Girlfriend Until He Gets Into an Ivy League College, his first YA novel, is published by Kaya Press in October 2020.

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