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Welcome to the premiere episode of “Are You There, Ghost? It’s Me, Chiwan.” Find out how the show came to be and why Chiwan had to have Natashia Deón as his first guest. Natashia Deón is an NAACP Image Award Nominee, practicing criminal attorney, and college professor at UCLA and Antioch University. Her critically acclaimed novel, GRACE, was named Best Book by the New York Times. “What do these ghosts want—and why is literary fiction suddenly so full of them? (See: Lincoln in the Bardo, by George Saunders; White Tears, by Hari Kunzru; Grace, by Natashia Deón; The Underground Railroad, by Colson Whitehead.) It’s the past that won’t stay past, to paraphrase Faulkner. The ghosts—most of them, at any rate—want to rest, but they need restitution first.”  Her new upcoming “The Perishing” is coming out soon as well. Enjoy this first episode of Are You There, Ghost? It’s Me, Chiwan. And make sure to hit the subscribe button!

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