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Join author and iconoclast Chiwan Choi as he interviews storytellers, writers, and historians from around the world about their most haunting experiences, paranormal influences and terrifying inspirations.

Maybe it’s the fact that I grew up a pastor’s kid. Or watching preachers trying to cast out demons from the possessed in Paraguay. Or maybe it’s my family kept moving into haunted houses over and over again. But I’ve always questioned — no, scratch that. I’ve always known that there was a world beyond what we could see, whether we call it spirit or angels or ghosts or simply the supernatural, the paranormal.My story begins when I am 3, seeing a woman sitting on the steps going upstairs in our house. And it continues to this day, here in Pittsburgh, where my wife constantly asks, “Did you see that?”  My name is Chiwan Choi, and this is Are You There, Ghost? It’s Me, Margaret. Of course the title is a take on one of the first books I ever read. I am a writer and I will be speaking with other writers about their experiences with the beyond, with the paranormal, and how those experiences have impacted their work. Because what are writers if not ghost makers?

— Chiwan Choi
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