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Today's guest is Peggy Maguire. Peggy’s paranormal experiences date back to her teenage years when she and a friend had a terrifying experience that had them running for her lives.  In time, what was once feared turned into a quest for knowledge and proof of “the other side”.  Peggy has been investigating the paranormal both informally and formally for decades. Peggy has investigated a variety of settings, from private residences, businesses, and even a navy ship, a historic village, and a haunted town.  She has a knack for attracting EVPs, often capturing 10, 20 or more recordings in just one night of spirits attempting to verbally communicate with her to tell her their story.  Peggy got to spend National Ghost Hunting Day doing a LIVE investigation at Bran Castle in Romania and has lived to tell about it.  She is going to give us all the details of how it went and what it was like being in an infamous castle rumored to be the Dracula’s castle! All that and an all new episode of Lisa Morton Ghost Report this week on Ghost Magnet with Bridget Marquardt. 

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