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Todays Guest is Conner Gossel. Over the course of the past 10 years, Conner has traveled throughout various corners of the world in search of his own evidence of the supernatural. And while he once merely explored the tattered remains of abandoned buildings in his hometown, he now operates one of the most popular paranormal pages in the world of ghost hunting - The Haunted Historian.The Haunted Historian serves to document and provide historical insight into some of the planet's most paranormal venues. In fact, his work in providing such content to the paranormal community has led his page to be the go-to provider of locations for a variety of popular paranormal television series and an often referenced source for some of the world's most recognized paranormal celebrities. I follow Conners page the Haunted Historian on instagram and I love his page and I can’t wait to chat with him about these locations! Plus an all new Ghost Report with Lisa Morton. Have a great week and Happy Halloween from everyone at Ghost Magnet!
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