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Hey Everyone! It’s Bridget Marquardt here with a brand new episode of Ghost Magnet! Today’s guest is Mike Huberty of American Ghost Walks. Summer’s here and I’m getting ready to places. How about you?  Growing up near Milwaukee, Mike was always interested in ghost stories, UFO sightings, and other weird tales. He came to Madison for college in 1995 and loved it so much he stayed. Mike has been performing as bassist and vocalist in Madison rock band, Sunspot, since those college days and in 2010, he founded a tourism company dedicated to preserving local history, folklore, and showing people a great time around the city. In addition to performing with his band and hunting ghosts, he hosts a weekly podcast on the paranormal and pop culture called See You On The Other Side and handles licensing musicians’ songs to films and television for the music website, Since 2010, Madison Ghost Walks has expanded to American Ghost Walks, preserving and boosting haunted history in eight Midwestern cities including the Wisconsin Dells, Milwaukee, Lake Geneva, Minneapolis, St. Paul, Stillwater, and Waukesha and now in Puerto Rico and Hawaii too.  All this plus an all new Ghost Report with Lisa Morton. 

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