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“The Gargoyle” Read by Naomi Grossman (American Horror Story)

Award-winning horror author and ghost expert Lisa Morton presents Spine Tinglers, a podcast featuring celebrity readers bringing some of Lisa’s most terrifying tales to life! If you’re a fan of American Horror Stories, then you know the name Naomi Grossman (“Pepper” and “Rabid Ruth”). In this episode of Spine Tinglers, Naomi takes on a new role: Amber. Amber works in a downtown office building and his never noticed the gargoyles…until the day they notice her.

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Amber walked up to the office building at exactly 8:20 a.m., the way she did every weekday. After being awoken by her alarm clock at 6:45, she’d left the house at 7:30, fought the morning traffic for forty minutes, arrived at the garage and parked, and was now about to take the elevator up to the ninth floor to begin her job as receptionist at the firm of Chambers & Bierce. There had been absolutely nothing unusual about her day so far.
Nothing, that is, until the moment when she was about to pass through the main entrance into the lobby, but some instinct told her to look up. 
She paused on the sidewalk before the Hamilton Building. Built in 1898, the imposing stone structure had been a ten-floor marvel at the time, and it had survived with few changes since.
Amber looked up, seeing the gray blocks, the windows, the ornamentation –
The gargoyles. The Hamilton was ringed with them just above the second floor. There were three to a side, each one a different, leering demon. Amber had heard that the sculptor had copied the famed gargoyles of Notre Dame, but she’d never bothered to look that up. The one directly overhead was the eeriest; with tall horns, half-lidded eyes, and a fanged grin, crouching, gripping the ledge with knife-like claws, it looked like something straight out of Dante’s Inferno.
As Amber eyed the awful thing, a chill of recognition raced through her: she’d dreamed about it. Last night, at 3 a.m., she’d awakened gasping, remembering a dream of the leering stone demon turning to look at her. 
Now, five hours later, she stood there waiting, heart racing, expecting the head to slowly turn…
Nothing happened.
Of course, Amber thought to herself. Silly…it was just a bad dream is all. Who wouldn’t have a bad dream about that thing?
She imagined flipping the gargoyle off and walked into the building before she was late for work.

She dreamed of the gargoyle again that night. This time, when she came up out of sleep, she remembered seeing it look at her before it stretched out great wings and launched itself from the building.
On the drive into work that morning, the news on the radio mentioned a man who’d been found murdered, torn apart, near the Hamilton Building. The crime had occurred sometime around 3 a.m. There were as yet no suspects.
Amber arrived, parked, and walked to the building, her eyes riveted the whole time on the gargoyle. She paused beneath it, looking up. What was that dark splotch on the stone around it? Had that been there yesterday?
You’re being ridiculous, she chided herself.

The dreams continued every night, ten nights in a row. In the last one she saw the gargoyle chewing on a human arm, the fingers dangling over the side of the ledge. 
The news reported new victims found in the downtown area.
On the eleventh morning, she paused beneath the gargoyle, looking up – and something warm and thick fell onto her forehead. 
She reached up, swiped at the spot, looked at her fingers. They were smeared red. When she looked up again, she saw blood plainly dripping off the ledge around the gargoyle.
Was its position just slightly different, the head angled a tiny bit lower, the claws a few inches to the left of where they had been?
Amber decided it was time to call the police. She wouldn’t tell them about her dreams, only that there was blood dripping from the ledge. They connected her with a homicide detective in charge of what was now called “the Downtown Ripper Case”. He listened as she described the blood; he asked her why she thought it was connected to the murders. She stuttered through some explanation about the building’s proximity to the murders that she wasn’t sure the detective believed.
But that afternoon, he showed up to interview her in person. They had found blood on the ledge. It matched that of the last victim. 
Amber had a hard time getting to sleep that night. She didn’t want to see the gargoyle again, didn’t want to awaken with a jolt and a memory of seeing it doing something terrible. But finally she drifted off just after 1 a.m. 
When she bolted up out of bed at the same time – 3 a.m. – she remembered all too clearly: in the dream, the gargoyle had flung itself from the side of the building and was diving straight towards her.
That was when she turned and saw it sitting outside her window, grinning. 
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