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High End Haunts with Wayne David Hand

If you’re a fan of haute haunts, this is your show! Meet Wayne David Hand @gardens_by_hand who brings some of America’s most revered properties back to life, ghosts and all. In this episode of Hellacious Renovations with Dean Haglund we […]

The Proctor House with Barbara Bridgewater

The John Proctor House Fixer Upper with Barbara Bridgewater How does a suburban Southern California woman fall in love with a world famous Salem Witch Trial era “fixer upper,” complete with its own ghosts, curses and haunted history? Sight unseen! […]

Victorian To DIY For with Richard-Lael Lillard

Join host Dean Haglund (The X-Files, The Lone Gunmen) as he gets the lowdown from the brave souls who’ve attempted the most terrifying renovation projects ever on haunted, cursed and possessed properties. In this premiere episode let the train whistle blow for Richard-Lael […]