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Magic of Tarot – Sasha Graham

Welcome witches! What’s in the cards for this episode of The Witching Hour? Let’s ask Tarot Master Sasha Graham. Sasha Graham is the bestselling author of over ten books and tarot kits, including 365 Tarot Spreads, Llewellyn’s Complete Book of […]

Tarot of the Moon with Victoria Costentino

The energy of the moon has an undeniably powerful influence—on people, on plants and animals, and on the cycles and rhythms of the world. Join Good Witch Patti Negri and her special guest author Victoria Constantino who’s ready to shine […]

Chip Coffey and a Cup of Spiritual Counseling

…And a Cup of Spiritual Counseling Hey Everyone! It’s Bridget Marquardt here with a brand new episode of Ghost Magnet! Today’s guest is Chip Coffey. Chip Coffey is an internationally acclaimed psychic, medium, paranormal investigator, lecturer and author. He is […]