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Jaime Gironés, the Day of the Dead

Welcome one and all and happy post Halloween! This week Join good witch Patti Negri as we celebrate the revered Mexican holiday of Día de los Muertos with author Jaime Gironés who shares authentic ways to respectfully enjoy this holiday, […]

The Lore of Disney Villains

Jennifer Brody, Vera Strange and the Lore of Disney Villains Welcome to an all new episode of “Are You There, Ghost? It’s Me, Chiwan.” This week Chiwan welcomes the great Jennifer Brody aka Vera Strange. Topics include: Disney Chills, Disney […]

Ashley Ryan The Pythian Priestess

Join your favorite good witch Patti Negri on this Samhain-Halloween-Vampyre’s Ball-week episode of The Witching Hour Patti Negri. This week, Patti welcomes The Pythian Priestess Ashley Ryan, to talk all things occult, spooky and mysterious! All that plus Where’s Patti? […]

Conner Gossel The Haunted Historian

Todays Guest is Conner Gossel. Over the course of the past 10 years, Conner has traveled throughout various corners of the world in search of his own evidence of the supernatural. And while he once merely explored the tattered remains of […]

Liber Khthonia with Jeff Cullen

Welcome to the Samheim Season! Join good witch Patti Negri as she welcomes writer and artist Jeff Cullen. Jeff Cullen is a self taught artist located in Chicago, Illinois, specializing in subjects of the occult and esoteric. Inspired by his […]

Levitating with Amanda Choo Quan

What’s it like to levitate? We’re going to find out together on this week’s episode of Are You There, Ghost? It’s Me, Chiwan. In this episode, Chiwan and his “extra special” guest, poet Amanda Choo Quan discuss her extraordinary life. […]

Ghost Hunting Day with Maria Schmidt

Today’s guests is Maria Schmidt. In the beginning of her career, as a Registered Nurse, Maria’s experience with the afterlife heightened working with gerontology and the death & dying stages of life.  Later as a co-operator of one of the most […]

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