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Brother/sister Pawnee/Seminole folklorists and teen advocates Brian and Happy Frejo have long used their knowledge of Native culture and folklore as well as their personal paranormal experiences in their work with Native American youth. In their upcoming podcast, Native American Mysteries, they are exploring the myths, legends and paranormal phenomena from all Native American cultures.

Brian Frejo is a National Motivational speaker, leadership development, team building trainer and suicide, substance opioid use, bullying prevention specialist and community engagement advocate. Brian is skilled in working with urban and rural communities, youth, elders, families, diverse programs and building partnerships with key stakeholders in the community. Also, dedicated to the vision and mission of empowering people to achieve professional and personal success, to live healthy and active lives, to be suicide, drug and alcohol free, to celebrate cultural identity and to make healthy life-choices that will enable them to achieve and sustain their full potential as leaders in their communities.

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