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Dean Haglund


Dean is known the world over as “Langly”, one of The Lone Gunmen, which he played for nine seasons on the hit Fox TV series The X-Files and its spin-off series The Lone Gunmen. A long-time improvisational comedian, Dean got his start in the renowned Vancouver Theatre Sports League, has performed with the Groundlings and Second City, has headlined numerous comedy clubs and is a regular performer at the Improv in Los Angeles. For several years, Dean toured the world with his one-man improv show, playing to sold out houses and rave reviews. Dean is executive producer and star of director Phil Leirness’ documentary feature The Truth Is Out There. The two previously collaborated on indie movies like Spectres, and more recently The LadyKillers. Currently they host the weekly podcast Chillpak Hollywood Hour. Recently, Dean began renovating and repairing his second home in Michigan, learning to plug holes in his skill set through watching hours of home repair instructional videos. He regrets nothing.

 On Hellacious Renovations, you can join host Dean Haglund as he gets the lowdown from the brave souls who’ve attempted the most terrifying renovation projects ever on haunted, cursed and possessed properties. From dropped ceilings to demonic appliances, from killer cabinetry to wailing woodwork Dean, who is renovating his own “Personal Hell” House, discusses how the current owner came to possess (or be possessed by) the property and it’s history, what it’s like living there, what renos they’ve attempted, how they’ve turned out…And why are they living in a haunted house?

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