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David L. Sloan

David L. Sloan David L. Sloan is a Key West author, artist and satirist. He has written for National Geographic and is often called “the next Hemingway,” though this refers to his drinking and penchant for death more often than […]

Richard Lael Lillard

Richard-Lael Lillard

Richard-Lael Lillard Richard-Lael Lillard, The Gentleman Psychic, has been seen on Ghost Adventures, Jubilee Media and more. He has been clairvoyant since his youth. It is a rich tradition within his family going back generations. He has traveled across the […]

Courtney Buckley

Courtney Buckley Courtney Buckley lives in the Merrimack Valley area of Massachusetts and works by day as a video alarm monitoring and by night as a tour guide with Salem Night Tours in Salem, MA. Courtney grew up in haunted […]

Tony Brueski

Tony Brueski

Tony Brueski is heard every day, around the world in thousands of homes, cars and offices through his incredibly popular podcast “Real Ghost Stories Online”.

Aiden Sinclair

Aiden Sinclair is a professional magician and apparitionist featured on the hit televisions series America’s Got Talent and Penn & Teller’s Fool Us.

Naomi Grossman

Best known as  the first crossover character, the fan-favorite “Pepper” on FX’s hit anthology series, American Horror Story: Asylum & Freak Show, Naomi also appeared as, the Satanist “Samantha Crowe” in AHS:Apocalypse and Rabid Ruth on AHS: Drive.

Cybil & Rose

The Ghost Maidens are an Hague-based music/comedy/paranormal documentary duo specializing in history, theatre, pop-culture, neo-spiritualism and the occult. 

Lisa Morton

Award-winning horror author and ghost expert Lisa Morton presents Spine Tinglers, a podcast featuring celebrity readers bringing some of Lisa’s most terrifying tales to life. With all-new stories crafted by Lisa and read by Dead Haglund, Bridget Marquardt, Rob Zabrecky, Richard Grove and more, Spine Tinglers is guaranteed to chill and thrill.

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